Clover® Mini

Simple, Easy to use, Fully Featured POS or basic payment processing

A compact countertop POS with the guts to go big.

A beautiful, compact, fully featured countertop Point of Sale System that can be used as a standalone payment processing terminal.

Not everyone can run a small business but almost anyone can use a Clover Mini. We know running a business can be complicated and not everyone is up to the challenge. With a state of the art technology and a friendly user interface almost anyone can use a Clover. Simplify your business and simplify your life by having a Clover Mini in your corner.

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Don’t get fooled by it’s size but fall in love with it’s look and power. It will use little counter space but handle all your payment needs.

Just need a basic terminal now and something with more options in the future? The Clover Mini can grow with your business. It can be a basic terminal now and a full featured POS system in the future.

Need help running your business more efficiently? Use the Clover App Market to find the perfect app for your business. Customize the mini with apps for accounting, inventory, marketing, gift cards, making a pizza or anything else your business needs.


Tired of sticky buttons on your credit card terminal? Say goodbye to small display, plastic keypads and say hello to a clear, large and bright touch screen display.

Clover Mini is not just reliable but rest assured that every transaction will be fast and secure whether it’s a dip, tap or a swipe.

Keep the line moving at the register and print customer receipts on the spot.

Clover Mini is designed with security in mind. Transactions are secure, fast and reliable whether it’s a swipe, dip, or a tap.